Elegant Wedding Invitation -95 sec (USD 100$)

  • Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your wedding? Look no further than our elegant Indian Wedding Video Invite! Caricature invitations are trending right now and they're perfect for any wedding theme. Our animated invitations are easy to customize and feature stunning graphics that will capture your guests' attention.! Don’t forget to attach a minimum of 3 individual pictures each & 4 couple pictures to incorporate into the invite, maximum of 15mb of zip file.
    1. Attach your zip file containing minimum 1 pictures (max 15mb).
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    4. Add any special request in "Note to letsannounce" at checkout.
    5. Get your video in max 4 working days.
    6. Mail us if you find difficulty attaching images.
    7. Contact us on WhatsApp 9727-6378-69.
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