10 annoying things you get to hear at weddings

Wedding Relatives

We all go through this don’t we. Whether you are single, engaged, married, with kids or without, you always end up facing weird unnecessary questions from known and unknown uncles and aunties who want to put in their nose into your matters. You sometimes wish you could just say ‘it’s none of your business’ but hey! You are sane and you got to answer back with audacity! Lol!So we’ve tried to answer a few questions that you may face at weddings and gatherings that may help you answer smartly!


1. Aunty - Oh you just graduated! Now it’s time your parents find a suitable boy for you and get you married.

Me - Oh how considerate auntie. But I just got married a few days back…shhh...don’t tell mom ok!

Annoying Relative

2. Aunty - You look so beautiful in a saree. Come come, get your photos clicked. It’ll come to use when your mom will go hunting for grooms for you.

Me - My mom won’t have to do that auntie. I have a boyfriend who loves me in western outfits actually. I wore the saree because your daughter and I mutually thought of wearing one. Where is she? I’ll ask her to get her photoshoot done now.


3. Aunty - It’s just been 3 months since your wedding and you are glowing so much. What’s happening; any good news!!!!

Me - Yes yes! The good news is I’m on my 6th now, just another 3 to go!

 Good News

4. Uncle - Now that you have joined your dad’s business its time you settle down and start your family.

Me - Yes uncle! I’d love to, but my idea of being settled is when I take my dad’s business to the next level, not a wife and babies.


5. Aunty - You’ve been married for 5 years now; when will you give us the good news?

Me -  (Call out to your hubby) Wait auntie, I’ll just check with my husband.


6. Aunty - Your first child is 3yrs old now. It's time you plan your second.

Me - Yes sure if you come to help me with housework!

second Child

7. Aunty - My daughter who is younger than you is getting married and look at you getting old! When will you marry?

Me - I’m not in a hurry for sex auntie. I can wait longer. A perfect ‘Kill me now’ moment!

Shaadi kab karogi

8. Uncle - Hey son, see that girl there in the pink dress; why don’t you go and introduce yourself. She will look awesome as your wife!

Me - Yeah she’s hot, but first let me breakoff with Pooja, Neha and Savita Bhabhi.

Break off

9. Aunty - Beta, I have a daughter and I’d like you to meet her!

Me - Why? Did she just win a Nobel Prize?

Meet my daughter

10. Aunty - You should come over for some tea Beta. My daughter makes really good masala tea!

Me - Oh thank you aunty. I make good cocktails,I’d be glad if she’d come over to my place for a drink actually.

Ghar pe aao

We are sure you are having a naughty grin there. So next time you face such annoying and awkward situations, you know what to say, give that uncle or aunt the stare of death and enjoy the rest of the evening in peace.

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