How to announce your wedding to friends and family

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From falling in love to a wonderful proposal, we just love to share our happiness with the friends and family. So when you’ve finally decided to tie the knot, what’s the best way to announce it to the world? Here are a few ideas just to make sure, you make that announce, a special one!

Here are 5 ways to do so:

A Get-together: This is the most special way to announce your wedding day. A personal invitation, you can sit down for a brunch on a Sunday and introduce your fiancée to friends and family. This will help your families to get to know each other, and all the more the family's interaction with your fiancée and you. Or else, when you meet them directly at your wedding/reception, it gets difficult to remember so many faces and names!

Girlfriend to Family

2 Video Invitation: A nice peppy video announcing your wedding in style! This will surely make your friends and family smile and you’ll be flooded with messages and calls. Add in your pictures and wedding details, add in some fun and quirkiness to the invite, and a story of how you both met and fell in love! Your guests would be amazed at the creativity.

video Wedding Invite

3.  An E-Card: Along with the video you can also share a digital card which would have all the itinerary in place, so your guests would have an idea of the events to look forward to, the time and dress codes as well. You can also add in the themes they may follow at the various events.


4. Social Media: Announcing on Facebook/twitter/Instagram will definitely bring you in the limelight. Just post a picture of you two in the most creative way, or you can put up a teaser video invite and only share the wedding date. A series of posts will also build up the excitement until the big day. The post reactions and comments will leave you very very busy though, but yeah who doesn’t like attention!

 Wedding Proposal

5. Adventurous Announcements:  If you and your fiancé love adventures, then this is a must try. Bungee jump, record a video, edit it and put up an awesome caption ‘we are finally taking the plunge’. Who knows the video may just go viral! 

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All in all, it’s your big announcement and why not make it the best. To know more on video invites call or chat with us now +91 9727637869 or write to us on

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