Make Your First Diwali Special!

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Make Your First Diwali Special!

Happy DiwaliThis is the season of festivals that not only Hindus, but most of the Indians eagerly wait for throughout the year. Diwali is celebrated in some of the foreign countries too these days. Different communities celebrate it differently. Traditionally, most people decorate their houses with lights and rangolis; wear new ethnic clothes; burst crackers; do an elaborate puja; have get-togethers; exchange sweets and gifts; and make scrumptious meals.

For newlyweds, their first Diwali is a big occasion. All the more special for the bahu who is celebrating it with in-laws. It is the time of nervousness as well as excitement as she wishes to win everyone’s heart by being a perfect cook, decorator and a manager.

These age-old traditions and customs have been followed generation after generation. You might also be planning to do the same. But, do you want to try something unconventional this Diwali? Especially the newly married couples, do you wish to make Diwali 2017 unique?

Here are 5 ways to do so:

1 Cultural backpackingWe have been seeing and following the customs of our community for years. Our country’s beauty lies in its diversity. You and your spouse can make your first Diwali special by exploring our Incredible India. Choose your favorite destination, put your backpacks on and celebrate this time in a new location in the local style. Stay as a paying guest or at an Airbnb accommodation among the residents to enjoy their culture, cuisines and at the same time be a part of their rituals.

Northerners dressing up and feasting a South Indian way would be so much fun!

Diwali Backpacking

Bring out the creativity in you: Make this season of festivals a real break from your monotonous lives. Most of us start the preparations at least a month in advance with a thorough cleaning of the house. Some of you would be planning to get your walls painted too. This time Do It Yourself! Get the brushes, gloves, paint pots and make Diwali 2017 a cherishable one by choosing the colors and sweeping the brushes together side by side!

You can check out some cool tips on painting interior walls here:

Home Painting Guide Link

How To Paint

You can also try other DIY activities like painting and designing diyas. Illuminate your house with earthen lamps, lanterns, T-lights and no electronic lights this time. This little change will not only add a difference in the look of your house but also save electricity and help the poor diya seller buy an extra toy for his children.

Bring out the child in you by creating decorative stuff using colorful papers, glitters and ribbons remembering the good old school days!

Diwali Diya

3. Rendezvous with a special movie screening: Collect all your precious photographs from childhood albums and get them made into a beautiful video of timeless memories by Letsannounce. Save these classic memories from getting spoilt lying in the obsolete photo albums and join the Digital India with Letsannounce. Get your friends and family together at your home and screen the movie by projector or on television. Enjoy the time, company and occasion over Diwali sweets and snacks and make it a remarkable first one!

diwali memories

4. Husband be the chef: Give your wives a break this day from her super hectic schedule. The Diwali cleaning, shopping, decoration and preparation must have left her exhausted to thoroughly enjoy the actual day! Why don’t the husbands take over the kitchen this festival? Make it memorable by preparing Diwali sweets and snacks and getting that lovely smile on your lady love’s face. What better way to get blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and Kali than offering food to Lakshmi of your own home! ;)

 Diwali with Husband

5.Swachh colony, Swachh BharatMore and more people are becoming aware. You may also be saying no to crackers on Diwali. But this time you can go a step further and try to make the whole neighborhood pollution free. Just putting up posters or talking to your neighbors may not help much. You can organize events or competitions in your locality. Best decorated house, best rangoli etc. can keep people engaged in better activities than creating air and noise pollution.

Still, a Diwali can’t go 100% cracker free. So make an endeavor to involve as many residents to clean the locality off all the crackers residue and waste the next day.

Make this Diwali unique and help the nation in the Swachh Bharat campaign.

 Swachh Bharat diwali

 All you lovely couples, whether it’s your first, second, third or any other Diwali, make it your best ever!!!

Author - Sakshi Sherpa Shahi!

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