10 Quick Tips to Have an Amazing Honeymoon

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10 Quick Tips to Have an Amazing Honeymoon


Gone are the days when you’d just go to a different city and spend a few days in the room with loads of privacy. Where you would spend time just with your spouse alone or maybe go with a tour guide who will show you the basic sightseeing places around. Now is the time, to break the odds, and plan a honeymoon trip that will be a memorable one!


1. A tour guide? No ways! : You will have months to plan your honeymoon. Choose your destination, ask your friends if they’ve been there, take tips, research online and find out places where you would want to go, check reviews from other tourists that are available online. You can pick and choose the places you want to go and places you don’t mind giving a miss. Carry  a map along and interact with the local people and make new friends too!

Honeymoon Couple


2. A cheat trick: Hmm! Here’s a helpful tip, there are pre-existing packages available online with tour operators. Get details from them about the important sightseeing places and based on that check tourist reviews and then customise your trip on your own. Make your own itinerary.

Honeymoon Tour


    3. Tickets: Be on the lookout for a festive season SALE! Book your tickets! even if it’s like 6 months in advance. There are various websites which allow you to make only a part payment while booking and you pay the balance while you check-in; you can also check with the airline website directly if they have any in-app or website discounts. That way you will end up saving a lot of bucks and you can spend this on a 5 star hotel stay or some shopping during your trip!

    Honeymoon Ticket Idea


        4. Explore the destination: Without a tour guide or a group, you do not have to wake at a particular time, that’s the best part. You can go wherever you want, take a map, walk down the streets, take a local bus or hire a cab. It’s all up to you two! And you wouldn’t have to deal with sneaky couples like in a group tour. Don’t forget to take your selfie sticks though!

        Honeymoon Destination


            5. We are on our honeymoon: It is very important to let your hotel know it’s your honeymoon. Some hotels even decorate the room, provide freebies and maybe surprise you by welcoming you with a cake and champagne or a candlelight dinner! If you are going to travel the entire city, book different hotels, it will cut short travel time with the city and you’ll be able to cover more of the destination.

               Honeymoon Surprise

                6. Make it an adventurous trip: Whether you are interested in adventure or not, make it a point to do one such thing on your honeymoon that you will be proud of and that you will always remember for the rest of your lives! Skydive, bungee jump, ski, participate in a festival, and make wine anything that you haven’t probably done before or ever imagined doing. It’s going to be worth every second and penny.

                   Honeymoon Adventure

                    7. Maintain a diary: Make a note of the dates and places you’ve been to at the end of each day of your trip. The awesome things you did, the people you met, the places you visited, the cuisines you tried, everything! And once you are back home you can add your pictures and decorate the diary - Make a fun honeymoon memory and you will thank us later for this!

                       Honeymoon List

                        8. Relish the local cuisine: Oh yes! Do not forget to try out the local cuisine in the city. The authenticity you will get there you will not get it anywhere in the world! Research on the cuisine online, jot down restaurant names and the delicacies before you go.

                           Honeymoon Dinner

                            9. Plan a surprise: Talk to your hotel staff and get a bouquet delivered to your spouse every morning, or maybe your partners favourite chocolates delivered to you as soon as you enter the hotel, or a spa day and a couple massage for the two of you! Make these plans well in advance and knock him/her off their feet!

                               Honeymoon Surprise

                                10. Make your last day and night special: Check-in to the best hotel with the best view in the city, watch the sunrise, order breakfast in bed, watch the sunset, get dressed and fine dine at the best restaurant. Make the last one the best one!


                                Honeymoon Bedroom

                                Most importantly, disconnect from the world. Keep your phones aside, your honeymoon is the only time where you will be free and you will have all the time in the world! Take your camera out and click loads of pictures.Try out these ideas and make your honeymoon the most memorable, amazing and a fun-filled one!


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