To do list if you have just got engaged!

February 18, 2016 0 Comments

To do list if you have just got engaged!

OMG! I’m engaged, what’s next? A to-do list if you have just got engaged


He popped the question and you said yes! Now what do you do next? Here’s a list of things that will help you prioritise your to-do’s which would help avoid panic and make you enjoy planning your wedding.

      1. Get your manicure done first! Yes! You read it right; you are going to show off that ring to so many people!

      2. Inform your parents, immediate family and your best friend that you two are now seeing one another and the wedding bells are going to ring soon. Show off that ring.

      3. Gift yourselves a wedding journal. List down every tiny detail in this. Use it like a scrapbook, jot down points, anything interesting you’ve seen for your wedding etc this is going to be your hand book for all the budgeting, hacks and a memory that you will treasure forever!

      4. Set your wedding month and date. Yes, the most important day of your life! A date that’s not too soon and yet not too far. The number of occasions you would want to have like cocktail party, sangeet, reception, etc. Also keep in mind the weather conditions on the chosen date, if it’s a summer wedding, its best to keep it indoors in a well air-conditioned hall.

      5. Make a guest list. Your wedding size will help you while selecting the venue. Also make sure you invite as per functions. Make a base list with everyone you can think of and then strike off some names later.

      6. Set the venue. This is extremely important. The two of you need to decide whether you would want to have a lavish destination wedding or have a wedding locally. A lot of factors depend on the location you choose.

      7. Save the date invites. As soon as your guest list is ready, don’t forget to share your save the date invites. Video invites are a trend now, easy on the pocket and eco-friendly too. Whatsapp the invite to your guests to inform them about the upcoming event. You only need to mention the date and venue and that’s it! This invite is basically sent to the guests so that they can schedule their events and plan for your wedding accordingly (especially those who live far away from your wedding venue).

      8. Budget your wedding. It is very necessary to work within the budget you have allotted for your wedding. Stay organised, a wedding is not a last minute party that you throw. A lot of planning is required. When it comes to shopping spend wisely! Also instead of having an extremely lavish wedding, opt for a romantic and high-profile honeymoon instead. You will never regret this decision!

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