E-invites: Is this a good idea?

May 25, 2016 0 Comments

E-invites: Is this a good idea?

Traditional and printed paper invites have always been a favourite amongst families but there’s no denying that Whatsapp or Facebook invites are now trending! This is the digital age and a lot of people are now opting for paperless invites.


E- Invites are too casual, not really.

A lot of people are switching over to e-invites as they are easier to share and are fun to view. With e-invites the couple gets the liberty to play with creativity especially when it comes to video invites. Go ahead and break the pattern, and you can make it even better by adding your own special touch

Personalise your Invite

After the Invite it sent via Whatsapp or Facebook, it’s recommended that you personally send out a message via the chat messenger (or personally tagging them) requesting the guest to be a part of the celebrations. With this gesture the guests will not mind receiving an e-invite!

Digital Invites are the best for Save the Date invites

If you are having a destination wedding then a Save the Date invite is a must! Save the date invites are usually sent out 6-7 months prior to the wedding date. This will help your guests plan the trip and the tickets in advance. Destination weddings are like a mini vacation aren’t they!

Cost-effective and environmental friendly!

Digital invites are perfect when it comes to costing, you can share the invite freely with the help of the internet and there’s no stopping! Plus you save a lot of trees in the process and a lot of time over printing issues etc.

Stay away from boring invites

Video wedding invites are such a rage now as its fun to watch with animations and actual photographs, has a story to tell with peppy music and the best part being it’s easy to share! With this the boring single image 

So if there’s a wedding coming up soon then do not forget to make that perfect announcement with trendy and beautiful wedding e-invites. Please do drop by @ www.letsannounce.com for awesome and unique video invites for your special wedding!

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