Make a Unique Wedding Announcement

Weddings! It’s the best day of your life. Butterflies in your tummy, loads of shopping, the excitement
that builds up just before the wedding, the romance all around and with all this also comes along the
confusion, dilemma and anxiety!
To ease out a little bit of you stress, we’re here to give you a breather so that you can make it through the fiasco.
Now, the first thing that comes to mind while planning a wedding is Invitations!

Weddings are all about enjoyment and happiness, so please make it count. See the happiness when you invite your loved ones. An invite is the first formal communication you send out to the guests. So you have to make it special. How can you stand out of the crowd? Yes, do something differently.

Begin with a teaser/save the date invite to request your guests to block their dates. This needs to be sent well in advance,i.e. as soon as your wedding date is fixed! The save the date invite can be short just with your names, date and city of the wedding! Or have a cute story based animated invite.Video wedding invites are picking up in the market now and not many have done it.

Follow-up with contemporary print designs that will go with the look and feel of your video wedding invite. Your friends will definitely envy you!

There’s lot to write about weddings, love, proposals and much much more! Stay tuned to our next post!

Until then

Team Let’s Announce

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December 18, 2015

Rightly said, the most important aspect of any wedding is inviting guests with creative invitation cards that will create an impact. The perfect beginning to a dream wedding is the perfect wedding invitation card. The matrimonial ceremony is incomplete without invitation card, as it gives the information about the functions & ceremonies of marriage.

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