7 Wedding Surprises For Everyone!

Wedding date finalised. Venue finalised. Save the date invites ready. Vendor finalisation done. Shopping done. Phew! Hey wait! What about those lil’ things to make your wedding a memorable one? With just a little effort you can create moments that you will cherish for a lifetime! Presenting some tiny surprises for your loved ones.

 Here’s what you can do for:

 1. Your parents and family: You are going to have your entire family out there at your wedding! How about a sweet message filled with memories be given to them. So here’s what we think you can do, make a video that you can project on a huge screen, dim the lights. The video can be a compilation of all the pictures of you can a baby, your parents, grandparents, your siblings and you playing. The years of how much love you’ve received and given to your family, everything in one video filled with emotions! And just as the video is done, the lights go on and you enter the venue, run to your parents and grandparents and give them a tight hug! That moment will be just priceless!

 2. Your in-laws: Get in touch with your photographer, just a week or so before the wedding get a family portrait shoot done. Ask your photographer to get a life size print of the picture and frame it. On the day you enter your new home, present this gift wrapped picture to your new family. As they unwrap the beautiful piece, get someone to record their surprised expressions.

3. Your hubby: Oh there’s so much you can do for him! We can actually have a separate blog on this one! A well planned bachelor night with his friends, arrange a champagne and cake surprise in your honeymoon suite at the hotel, register yourself for an adventure sport, maybe a sexy gift for him on the wedding night (ahem!), get a couple massage booked for the two of you; we can just go on and on!

 4. Your friends: Surprise your friends by setting up a photo booth with a collage of your friends’ pictures with you and maybe have their names on the backdrop too. Pictures in the backdrop can be your college days, picnic pics, you usual hangout places, sleepover memories, birthday party photos, your mehendi day pics etc. Have cute props around and let your friends have some gala time and make them feel important.

 5. For your siblings: For your brothers and sisters, you can gift them each a customised photo postcard with a picture of you two, maybe a childhood pic! At the back of the postcard, personally write down how much they mean to you, the memories you’ve shared, the room you’ve shared, write down all the naughty things you’ve done together as kids and how much you are going to miss them! This is sure to make them forget all the fights you’ve had with them and will leave them with a big smile and so much love!

6. For the guests: On your wedding day when your guests come to bless you and your partner, give them a small ‘Thank you’ note personally. The note can read ‘Thank you for being a part of this beautiful event and blessing us as we enter a new phase of life together’. Along with this note you can also hand over a small token, depending on your budget, a silver coin or Make each guest feel super special!

7. And last but not the least, surprise yourself! You are going to be super busy with all the preps, but do not forget yourself in the hungama. Get yourself pampered too, it’s important. Indulge in a spa treatment, get your body polished, rejuvenate and catch up on some good sleep. In a way, there will definitely be peace and happiness inside as you plan all these surprises for your loved ones, and the glow is sure to show on your face!

Happy planning :)


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