Amazing Benefits Of Getting Married To Your Best Friend!

Best Friend Wedding

All I can think of now is, yes, Chandler and Monica! Weren’t they just absolutely cute? Getting married to your best friend has a lot of perks than you think. Read on, and you’ll know why.

1 You can talk about anything under the sun, for hours together and still wouldn’t get bored. The comfort you two share will be awesome!

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2 Waking up to your best friend every morning is simply wow! That feeling of love and security will always make you wake up with a smile and your life worthwhile.
Couple Morning
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3 You are an open book. You’ve mostly known your partners past, fears, been a part of the happy and sad moments in his or her life.  You don’t have to hide secrets and your partner becomes your mirror.
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4 When you travel or party, you have a big gang of mutual friends. So hassles with adjusting with new friends post marriage. You’ve been partying with this gang for months and years and you just know them so well. You don’t have to worry about, ‘will he/she be comfortable with my friends’?

5 You know your partners tastes, preferences, good and bad habits. There’s no hesitation and fear of adjusting to a stranger. You just know him/her too well.

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 6 You can fight and make up with a kiss. You fight like kids and making up is quick. You know how to make his/her day better even after an argument.
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7 Your mutual friends help you in planning surprises.  You can just speak to his/her friend and ask them to go for a movie so you can quickly decorate your home, plan a surprise party, they can even help in keeping a big surprise holiday plan a secret and manage everything for you.

Mutual Friends
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8 You have someone who loves you for being you. The imperfect you, the confused you, the funny and stupid you - loves you just the way you are. You know what to expect from your partner.

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9 You know the family and extended family, so it’s easier to get into the family. You are surrounded by known faces on the wedding day and the day after. The rapport you share with the family gets easier to build.

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 10 What’s more, you have a best friend for life!!!
Best friend wedding
So, planning to propose to your best friend now or already in a relationship with him/her. Don’t hesitate, just pop that question right away! All the best.

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