Announcing the one you love to your parents!

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Announcing the one you love to your parents!


You’ve been in a relationship for long and you know he/she is the one! You’ve found your soul mate and want to settle down and get married; but wait how do you break the news out to your parents? How would they react? Will they be happy or will they be upset? How can you convince them and make them accept the love of your life? Here are some tips that’ll help you convince your family for the love marriage.


1 Give them hints: You can introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to your parents as a friend even before you’ve decided to marry him. This helps as when you decide to finally tie the knot, your boyfriend is not a complete stranger to them. Also keep dropping hints to your parents that you wish to get married soon.


2 Prepare yourself: Discuss with your partner what you are going to talk about to your parents. List down the stuff you want to say about your partner, his/her family, their education and job profile (which is very important for all parents), the family history etc. Try and avoid situations where you have to say ‘I do not know’.

Prepare Yourself

3. Involve your family members: Introduce him/her to your brother, sister, cousins, uncle and aunts or even grandparents whom you are close to and who will support you while you break the news to your parents. Having them by your side will be your biggest strength. They will do some of the talking and you won’t be the only one trying to convince your parents.

Family Member

4. Be confident:You have to take a stand, ‘if not him/her, I won’t get married at all’. Some may find this as a blackmail, but hey it shows how confident you are about your partner. Look straight into your parent’s eyes as you talk to them. Looking away will lower your confidence level.


 5.Say it when the time is right: Weekdays are usually very stressful. So over a weekend just after lunch or dinner would be a good time as your parents will be more relaxed. Sit down with them, hold their hand, look into their eye and tell them you’re in love and want to settle down. Show them a pic of your girlfriend/boyfriend. Tell them you would want them to meet him/her too. Schedule a meeting.

Family Dinner

6. Hear them out: Your parents may argue and may tell you the pros and cons of getting married to him/her; especially if it’s an inter-caste or inter-religion marriage. Listen to them and understand what they have to say. Prepare yourself, be calm yet confident when they throw questions at you. Do not argue back as this will just create awkward situations and fights. Give them time to digest the situation, and do not expect a quick ‘Ok my child, go ahead and get married’!

Family Drama

7. Schedule a family meet: Soon after your parents have met your girlfriend/boyfriend; schedule a meeting with both families. It’s not just you two who are getting married, it’s a union of 2 families! So they need to understand each other’s mind sets too and get along well. This will be a major plus point and a sure shot way of getting married to your partner!.

Family Meeting

We hope we could build up the courage for you to face your parents and family. It’s a big decision and stand up for it. Your confidence and love for your partner will make your parents say ‘yes’! All the best love birds! If you think we’ve missed out better ways or if you’ve been through this situation tell us your experiences, please do drop us a comment below, we are all ears!

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