Make some hubby time!

Just the two of you living in a bustling metro city. It's 6am, you wake up, pray, freshen up, you rush to the kitchen make breakfast, lunch, get ready for work and head out. Travel to work, spend hours working in office; it’s now 6pm or maybe even later, pack up and rush back home. Freshen up, make dinner, clean the house and phew! Just hit the bed! A busy busy day in the life of a working married woman. So how do you give time to your hubby dearest and keep you love life spicy too? Read on…!


1 Cook Together :This is an awesome thing to do, trust us. If not every day, even thrice a week will be good. As you both come home together after work, freshen up and cook up some amazing dishes, different cuisines, mix and match ingredients and create masterpieces! Oh yeah it's gonna be fun. A perfect way to beat the stress that’s built in all day.

2 Date Nights : Fix a day every month, take a day off, try out street food, new restaurants, a new bollywood or Hollywood flick, a one-day picnic by the beach! There’s just so much to do! Start planning your secret dates now!

3. Visit Friends: Yes Yes! Socialising together is super fun. You get to have common friends and couples who you can just hang out with. A video game night or a sleepover after an amazing party with friends just gets better. You can even plan movie dates at home with friends!

4. Spread Joy Together: There’s no better feeling than you being the reason for someone’s smile. Plan a day once a week, even a Sunday would be great. Find out the nearest NGO’s, slums, blind school, orphanage or an old age home; spend time with the people there.

5. Get Sporty : Have a sports club in your locality, go ahead and get a membership done together. Unwind with the activities that the club has to offer over weekends; you even get to make new friends with common interests! You can even go for a jog every evening if time permits!

6. Laze Around on Holidays : Weekends, national holidays, rainy days, city bandhs, find reasons and laze around in bed with your love. Get cozy, watch TV, order food and just relax… Doing nothing once in awhile is fun too!

7. Take vacations, get adventurous: Take a short 3-4 day trip that would include a weekend, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on office work. Trekking, water sports, water rafting, mountain climbing, zip-lines, bungee jumps are found in so many places now. When you do adventure activities together you can see the other side of your spouse! You can also check out a nearby adventure park or a water park if you do not get enough time off from work.

Hope these simple tips help! So get moving and apply for that much awaited leave from work, your life should not be just about work and home; spending quality time with your partner is very important and is a must too! Stay happy Stay blessed!


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