Making the Bachelorette Special for the Bride-To-Be.

Bachelor Party

Your best friend’s getting married and the excitement is sky high! Her wedding is now the hot topic of discussion and I’m sure you will be worried about what to wear at the wedding day and all the functions! What will your look be like, will there be a theme? How will your bestie be feeling as the day is nearing, hmm so why not throw a surprise bachelorette for her!

Here are some ideas and tips that can help relieve her stress and get her all pepped up for the wedding! Go on, get set and roll!


1 The Girlfriends: Get your phone out and contact all her friends and plan a day, date and venue for the party. Get all the girlfriends together and list down stuff your bestie would like the most. Budget the event depending on the number of friends. Finalise a date keeping in mind the brides schedule too. A theme based save the date invite will also do wonders and help build the excitement.

Girl Party

2 The venue: You can choose between a house party and a pool side one. The house party would give you more privacy, will save up costs too. A pool party would also be fun as you would get to dress up in swimwear and you can do a lot of water games. Having a house to yourself is also good for a sleepover! By the way, did anyone mention an all-girl road trip?


3. Theme: Get your sexy lingerie out and have a naughty baby doll theme, or cat women, playboy bunnies, animal, retro, Barbie, the little black dress, cartoon styles like a Minnie mouse theme or play superwomen.

Theme Party

4. Décor: Customise your décor to the theme you choose. Have balloons, banners, sashes ‘bride to be’ and a message book for the bride’s keepsake. Add some more fun with amazing props based on the theme you choose, like a photobooth and when you see the pictures every time it’s sure to bring a smile!

Photo Booth

5. Games: Pin the macho on the Man, Truth and Dare, drinking games, pole dance, mafia and lots more can keep the gang super busy all night long!

Party Game

6. Food: Cake and Drinks: Naughty cookies and adult cakes and cupcakes are usually the highlights of the party. Add on some champagne/beer or create delicious cocktails as per your tastes and how about some nice sundae ice-cream for dessert!

Wedding Food

7. Music: Your best buddy is soon going to get hitched, so let your hair down and dance the night away till you drop! Literally! Load your pen drive with hip-hop and fast beat numbers and don’t forget to set up some awesome speakers

Wedding party song

8. Gifts for the bride-to-be: Shower the bride to be with awesome lingerie! Each one of you can get one set each. The bride and groom will thank you for it later and always remember the gang on their wild nights!

Wedding Gift

9. Create memories: If you have the budgets, hire a hot photographer or just get your selfie sticks in place. It’s gonna be a wild evening and you will want epic pictures of all the crazy stuff.

Wedding memories
10. The Bride’s bucket list: You can ask your bestie to list down stuff she would want to before she gets married, try and fulfil as much as you can! But just check on the possibilities not everyone would want to bungee jump.



All in all, make the bachelorette special for the bride to be, go as wild as possible and make it a night to remember. Giggle, gossip and have the fun in the world girlies!!


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