Whacky ideas for just married couple!


Crazy Ideas for Couple

Gone out on dinner dates. Talk all night long. Family gatherings. Shopping. You’ve done all of this, and you are pretty comfortable with being with your going-to-be husband. You’ve been sober and nice to him isn’t it, but what about the first night. Would you want to be a shy bride or a wild one! Here we are, with some whacky ideas just to make your night and days to come as Mr. and Mrs. even more special. Presenting some mood lifters and ideas that are sure to turn your man on and fall in love with you all over again!!!!

1 Visual treat: Get a tattoo or a mehndi design done on your waist or below your neck! It’s going to be fun when he finds out. His initials or a tiny heart!


2 Get singing: Get to know his favourite song. Download the karaoke version, sing along and record it on your phone. Play it when you two get some time alone and this is sure to make him blush.

Singing Couple

3. Get wild: Buy him hot pants! How about Leopard print G-strings & Gift yourself a red hot lingerie...Set his heart on fire! Ahem need we say more!

Hot couple

4. A musical first morning: Wake him up with his favourite music from your phone or a pen drive.

Morning Surprise

5. Movie nights: Load a pen drive with movies, romantic ones and watch them when you two are just too tired to do anything else! And a horror flick too, just to get a bit closer!

Horror Movie Couple

6. Pillows and Blankets: Get into a pillow fight, cuddle up in them, and make your bed super comfy!

Pillow Fight

7. Candles: Light up some scented candle before he enters the room! From the tiny tealight candles to decorative ones, this will surely set the mood right!

Candle Lit Room

What do you think? Have you tried any of these or planning to? Let us know in the comments below and share your ideas too!

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